Friday, 1 February 2013

Hair Of The Day - January Review

Welcome to the month of February! Thanks for visiting my blog.  I pray it's even better for you than the month we just left behind!  What a month it has been too.

 I've learned a lot this January, mostly thanks to starting this blog.

I learned that 31 days is a long time.  It's also a pretty short time too, when you think about it.

I've learned that being outside of your comfort zone forces you to grow a bit more, and reevaluate your actions for improvement.

Lastly, and not least by any measure, I've learned new styles to try out on my hair!

So with January now firmly in the past, what does February bring for Hair Of The Day?

If I could sum up what I've been doing so far in a few simple words it would be: quantity and quality.  More specifically,  quantity > quality.

I want to challenge myself and experiment further with different hairstyles, and with doing a different hairstyle everyday I (ironically) haven't really been able to do that with as much finesse as I would like to.  For instance, when I'm filming Hushberry hair tutorials, I end up wearing 2 styles (one of which I have previously worn) in one day so don't fully get to wear the #HairOfTheDay.  The most beautiful things are borne through a process of time, and I would like to create more time to bring out better quality hairstyles on this blog   So with February comes some changes to the blog...

Whilst I won't be posting every day, my postings will still be very frequent.  I'll be posting different hairstyles and providing more in-depth writing and videos.  Rest assured, it's still 'all hair everything'

x Sai x

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