Friday, 31 May 2013

Bank Holiday Hair

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday Weekend, and what a wonderful weekend it was.  A bit of time to recharge, beautiful weather and fun hairstyles.

I went to the Afro Hair and Beauty Show for the first time in a 3 years and had a great time taking in all the hairspiration.  Of course, in true Hair Of The Day style, the weekend also marked a time of hair experimentation, where I was trying out a particular type of hairdo.  The mission?  Perfect the sideswept 'do!  The outcome?  A work in progress...

This is the look I tried out on Saturday.  Simple, loose waves, with the hair slicked down on the other side.  

I liked it, and was able to find a a way to ensure the hair stayed on that side.  On Sunday I wanted to something similar, but with more curls, so it was inevitably shorter.  Same idea though.

I thought I preferred this style when I did it on Sunday.  I thought it was an overall cuter style with the small curls, but in hindsight, I can't really choose!  I guess part of wearing a style is how it feels on the day too.  

On Monday, I decided to let loose with the sideswept and added some voluminous curls to the left side of my hair.  Ran my fingers through it a few times and BAM!  Big hair, shoulder length hair. Oh big hair, how I had missed thee.

What do you think?  Which look do you like best, and why? 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Birthday Hair Of The Day

Hey you (yes, you)! Last week was my birthday, so in true Hair of The Day style, my celebratory hairstyle was on my mind. Prior to what can only be described as the  Red Velvet Cake Consumption of 2013, I perused my file of styles (an actual paper file - yes I've gone analog).  and eventually decided to go for defined spiral curls, as you can see below!